Random Shower Thought

For the record, I wasn’t in the shower when I thought of this but I thought this title fit the post.

It’s crazy that I can have some lived experience (for ex: seeing someone rob a store) and have a mental image of what happened in my brain.

I can then go and verbally tell my friends about this experience. I can describe it in great detail if I want- including where I was in position to the crime, what the robbers looked like, the look on the cashier’s face, etc- and they will create a mental image of this story too.

Just by making sounds with our mouths, we are able to give someone else a visual of an experience they’ve never had.

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a personal experience! I can say: “a huge elephant sitting on top of the white house” and we would all create a similar mental image in our head of something none of us have ever seen and will never see.

Do you think other animals can do this?

The Lipsticks Were Scattered Still

Awoke to the morning light seeping around the curtain.

Moments echoed through – those bittersweet baby blue eyes, your voice breaking, the slamming door. 

The pile of clothes was still on the table, assortment of lipsticks still scattered in front of the mirror, laptop sitting crooked on my desk – a room of energy, now mute.

The tears were inescapable. They were there before I knew they were coming,

flooding my clothes and sheets and pillow, streaming onto the floor, 

filling the room with buds too small to notice.

Stepping Out Into Adulthood

I’m in my last semester of college and don’t have much of an idea of what I’m doing. I’ve bounced around career paths a few times, mainly sticking to the realm of psychology, as I am a psychology major. At first, I wanted to go for my doctorate to become a psychologist, but now I am leaning towards pursuing a master’s in social work. I’ve also always dreamt about owning a business of some kind- perhaps a restaurant, hotel, or retreat. Maybe a private therapy practice- that would be the most logical type of business to own but that just seems so boring compared to the others.

Since I’m not 100% set on a specific graduate program, I am hoping to take my first year out of college to travel abroad. I have considered many options- teaching English abroad in Japan, moving to France or Italy, and now I am primarily thinking about Australia.

I really just don’t have any specific career path that jumps out at me more than the rest. It could be awesome to go into creative writing in some way, as that is my minor, but I don’t know how to do that besides trying to publish a book. That won’t be happening anytime soon haha. I am taking a screenwriting class this semester which seems like an awesome field! But also a surely competitive one.

Somehow my uncertainty of the future doesn’t scare me much right now.


Hello anyone that is listening! So I am in the Caribbean for February break staying in a boat with family friends. I had the weirdest experience last night. A few of us were all in this dinghy and while trying to get out onto a dock, MY PHONE JUMPS OUT MY POCKET AND INTO THE WATER. We didn’t even try to get it since salt water ruins phones instantly. I freaked out. Im never like this! I am so responsible! AT first I couldn’t believe it happened and was mad at myself. Ive never lost my phone! After it set in I started asking myself why this happened. Was it karma? Have I been a bad person? maybe this is all for the better. Maybe I will go without my phone and realize I never want it back. Maybe this feeling will be liberating.

We got back in the dinghy to take us back to the boat. I was looking around at the dark island and the stars and the water and started to fell batter again. Maybe loosing my phone was an okay price to pay to be out of the cold and visiting such an amazing place. All of a sudden something jumps threw the air and into the boat. I thought it was water from a wave but it started flopping around at my feet. It was a fish! I started screaming and picking my legs up. It took a few seconds for anyone to realize what was happening. The driver picked it up and held it steady. It was about 4 inches long and had a long needle nose. He threw it back into the water after everyone got a good look. The funny part was that it happened again. it actually happened 5 more times after that. and they were all aiming at me it seemed. It was the weirdest thing. I looked around and they were jumping around everywhere around us in the water. It was magical. It was such a strange experience.

I related this back to my phone dying. Maybe the universe was tying to tell me to get my phone out of my face and look around! thats the whole reason I was excited to come on the trip in the first place, to see nature again.

Anyways so that’s my position on my dead phone. I will take this opportunity to see whats around me.



I have always found it appealing to own a journal or diary or whatever you want to call it. However I don’t find it very therapeutic like others do. Thats why I like the idea of owning a blog: you are actually connecting with someone, someone is hearing you. Its an amazing feeling. I think I will start using my blog again 🙂


Hello beautiful people of this earth! I have been pondering going vega. Should I? Of course I want to since there are so many benefits not to mention less animal factory killings. But it’s just so hard, which I know isn’t an excuse. Anyways I have come to the conclusion to try to be vegan when possible. For example if I want to eat a cookie with milk im gonna eat it. Actual meat will be much easier to cut out for me. Eggs and diary will be the hardest. Anyways any thoughts? Love you all!


I wish to find myself. the problem is that I have no idea how. I feel like I had a better idea about who I was when I was in 8th grade then I do now. Isn’t it supposed to be the opposite? Aren’t you supposed to not know who you are and then find it? Not the other way around. I do have an idea of who I am but what if it is totally off? How do you know that this is who you are supposed to be? People are so influenced by the media and other people that no one is truly themselves, you are just the reflection of a ton of other people put into one. Others say that they reflect themselves through their body (clothes, hair, etc.). But as much as I do get that and understand it, there is a part of me that just doesn’t. I look around and some people are so out there in the way they present themselves with crazy colored hair and daring outfit choices. But how do I express myself through clothes? I am a pretty average person. I’m not super daring but im not super quiet. Some days I dress fancier, some days a dress casual and some days I dress like a girl straight off of tumblr. I have a pretty basic fashion sense. Pretty much anyone could wear my clothes and have it match their personality too. Its not very personalized. Anyways that’s just something that has been in my mind recently so I thought I’d share. Let me know your opinion!


What do you think of the idea of being not what people expect? I think it’s exciting and mysterious, you know? Like who knows maybe we will go bungee jumping today. It stirs up life a little. I think that everyone needs something like that, or a person like that in their life. So next time you get bored with life do the unexpected. Your that shy girl? Talk to different people you would never be expected to. Your that straight A student? Instead of going home to study, go to that party you were invited to. Just bored with life? Prank your best friend. These out of the blue acts don’t have to be huge (unless you want a challenge ;)), just try to switch it up a little. You only get one life so discover what’s out there.


Okay so the other day I was in a clothing store. I’m shopping around and picking out a few things and when  its time to check out I show what I picked to my mom. So she’s looking through everything being like “oh that’s cute” or “I like that” but when she gets to the last one she pauses. This shirt is a bright red shirt with white on the bottom. When I picked it out I liked it because it was so bright and fun and reminded me of my seventh grade self who wore crazy colored and patterned pants… it was kind of my thing. Anyways she pauses and goes “Its kinda loud.” UMMMM HOLD UP, WHAT? At the moment I didn’t really care but I’ve been thinking about it recently. Excuse me but whats wrong with being loud? It’s out there, its noticed… why wouldn’t I want to be noticed? I pride myself on being different (which I have a post about) and i’m so happy I do and am not worried about being too noticed or too different. So as you can guess I bought that loud shirt and don’t yet regret it.

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